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His health is unique
so is his diet

Because your pet’s health is what matters the most, discover ROYAL CANIN® Individualis, a truly individualized diet which is formulated based on your veterinarian’s recommendation to meet their specific nutritional needs.
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of pet owners who fed ROYAL CANIN® Individualis* saw a visible improvement in their pet’s health after the first 2 months.

Why give your pet a tailor-made diet?

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What are the benefits?

Nutritional precision

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ROYAL CANIN® Individualis diet is tailor made for your pet based on your pet’s nutritional needs, predispositions, and life stage, among many factors considered by your veterinarian. As your pet’s needs evolve, the diet will also evolve to meet your pet’s nutritional needs.

Ready to use

ready to use
The diet is complete and balanced, and it contains all the nutrients your pet needs. Take care of your pet’s health daily, in a simple, effective and comprehensive way.

Single purchase or subscription

subscription choice
You can order online every 30 days or choose to subscribe to autoship. The subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Dedicated customer care team

service hotline
Our dedicated customer care team is available to advise and help you throughout the registration and ordering process and for the proper monitoring of your pet.

How does it work?

Veterinary diagnosis

Step 1
During a consultation, your veterinarian assesses your pet’s health and nutritional needs. By taking into account their age, weight, sensitivities and health status, your veterinarian draws up a nutritional recommendation tailored to your pet.

Order on-line

Step 2
You can easily find your pet’s nutritional recommendation on your veterinarian's website and order on-line.

Delivered wherever you want

Step 3
Your pet’s diet is delivered where you want. At the office, at your home or in your veterinary clinic. You choose, we deliver.

Don’t wait!

Set up an appointment with your veterinarian to get your pet signed up for ROYAL CANIN® Individualis.


I have a question about the diet, ordering or delivery, who should I contact?

Our customer care team is at your disposal to answer all your questions, help you place an order and/or follow up on your delivery. Contact us.

What can I do if my pet does not like the diet?

We strive for 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you pet doesn’t like the diet, you can request a refund through our customer care team.

Can I have a ROYAL CANIN® Individualis nutritional recommendation without going through my vet?

The nutritional precision of ROYAL CANIN® Individualis relies on a full pet health assessment which can only be done by your veterinarian, who is the pet health expert.

My pet seems to be healthy, do I need ROYAL CANIN® Individualis?

ROYAL CANIN® Individualis could be recommended for pet with or without disorders. See your veterinarian for a full health and nutritional assessment and receive a ROYAL CANIN® Individualis diet tailored for your pet.

What is the delivery time?

We produce on demand and deliver your pet’s diet everywhere in the United States within 5 working days.

Where can the food be delivered?

You can have it delivered to the address of your choice: to your home, office, or your veterinary clinic.

Is there an additional cost for delivery?

Whether it's a “single purchase” or a “subscription”, the delivery is free of charge.

What is the weight of a bag?

Each bag is unique and weight varies because it contains a 30-day supply of your pet’s individualized diet.

What happens after 30 days?

If you are on a “single purchase” option, we will send an email reminder 7 days before your 30-day food supply runs out inviting you to order again. If you are on a “subscription”, we will notify you by email of the preparation and delivery of your next bag. This way, your pet will never run out of food. You can choose to cancel your subscription one day before the next batch is prepared.

Simplify your pet's health management with a veterinary diet that meets your pet’s individual health needs.

To learn more about purchasing ROYAL CANIN®Individualis for your pet, please contact our customer service team.

If you are a veterinarian that would like to prescribe ROYAL CANIN®Individualis to your patients, please contact us for more information.

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*Survey of 309 pet owners feeding ROYAL CANIN®Individualis in France during April 2022.